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Premises Liability

The law imposes legal responsibilities on property owners and occupiers to prevent injuries to persons while on their property. One of the most common causes of such injuries is a trip or slip and fall, such as on an icy sidewalk, a loose or uneven stair tread, or a piece of debris or spilled liquid on the floor.

Slip and fall cases are among the most difficult to win, and for this reason many law firms will not accept, or rarely accept, a slip and fall case. We do not shrink from this challenge at Akhidenor Law PC, and will carefully study your accident to give our best advice on the chances of recovery.

The law favors property owners by allowing them to only make “reasonable inspection” of the premises over time, so in cases of contested liability, an accident reconstruction expert is often required, who specializes in unsafe walking surfaces or tripping hazards. If you have fallen in an accident, save the shoes you were wearing at the time until you can get legal advice whether to proceed with a claim.